Ivelina Ignatova

Born: 25.07.1966 in the Provadia Sity

Phone: 0887 590007

e-mail: ivelina.ignatova@stil-m.com

Graduates in Higher Mechanical and Electrical Institute (now Technical University) c. Varna in 1989 in the specialty shipbuilding, design, specializing in ship architecture (lectures of guest professors from Russia and UK). In parallel, there is a two-year diploma course in ergonomics and design. From late 1989 to 2000 he worked in Institura Shipbuilding – Varna, in the “Shipping architecture” at the beginning as a designer and then as a group leader. From June 2001 until now works in “Style-M” as a designer of interior furnishings. With extensive experience in the design, covering both private homes and public facilities, hotels, shops, office and technical premises.