Designer Furniture



The idea is to be unique, individual, and exceptional.

Everyone needs their own unique world, and we want to be a part of it. At STIL-M, we aim to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. With a skillful combination of your idea and the professional expertise of our designers, you will have unique custom-made furniture.

Aesthetically appealing and expressing the owner’s taste, seamlessly blending into the overall interior. Our furniture will create your cozy home environment or functional professional space.

A project that can be realized thanks to the possibilities we offer at STIL-M.

Авторски Мебели

Individual projects in which...

Each detail is carefully thought out according to your needs and desires. Our team of experienced designers provides professional advice. You can choose between the nobility and warmth of classic solid wood or the modern shapes achievable with MDF and particleboard. We have a network of stores where, besides meeting with your architect, you can also view sample furniture. We collaborate with professional partners to ensure that your furniture is not only elegant but also durable for the years that will create your cozy home. We have our own production facility equipped with modern machinery.
Авторски Мебели