About us


STIL-M is a Bulgarian furniture company established in 1993, specializing in designing and manufacturing high-quality wood products with great flexibility in terms of purpose, size, color, and design. The different approaches in the work, the desire to provide the customer with first-class furniture, which is distinguished by style and comfort, are entirely inspired by the founders of the company Vladislav Marinov and Nasko Pavlov.


Thanks to our own facility, located on over 5000 sq.m. – a modern workshop in the town Elin Pelin and the village of Banya, Razlog municipality, a showroom in Sofia na d Varna – we can afford to close the entire production cycle from the idea to the realization with state-of-the-art technologies and have full control over the ready products. In our production, we use different materials – solid wood, MDF, all kinds of veneers, composite boards, etc. Paints and lacquer finishes range from matt to gloss with the use of special effects depending on the effect sought by the designer.
The completed projects of our architects and designers range from refined minimalism to classic splendour, from individual to boutique orders for complete furnishing, through artistic furniture for hotel furnishing, and the realization of interior design projects for offices, bars and restaurants, shops and entire business buildings.


Our company can produce any type of wood furniture with the beautiful finish needed for a cozy home, entryways, interior doors, and windows and close the cycle with two-ply solid parquet. Our staff of more than 55 qualified employees is ready to satisfy the individual requirements of each customer, for originality and high quality of the final product, both in the country and abroad.
Guided by our motto “The temptation to be unique” we accept with enthusiasm every different challenge following our basic principles – to create style and comfort and not just to fulfill it, but to create a complex project for a harmonious and spectacular interior in which every piece of furniture is in its place.

STIL-M has always strived to present its customers with projects of unique design, high-quality furnishings, and follow-up service – delivery, installation, warranty, and after-sales service.